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Guitar Gear and Equipment

What electric guitars are we using?

Most of the time we use Les Paul type guitars. They are sweet looking and great sounding. Brands are either Gibson or ESP.  And then there is one cheap Les Paul, which does the job, surprisingly, we’re using it rarely. But It’s special as a start guitar. Most models are Les Paul Standart with customised pickups and other technical stuff.

What guitar pickups are we using?

We are using Bare Knuckle pickups. Those are killer pickups.

What bass are we using?

Fender. Fender jazz bass.

What acoustic guitars are we using?

The first was the alien guitar.  Then there is Ibanez electro-acoustic. Sometimes we get hands on Taylor guitars. Those are best ones.

Electric guitar combos?

Definitely VOX amplifiers. They’re best of all. Sometimes we use also Marshall amplifiers.


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