Biography & Publicity

Young music artist from Europe, Riga

creating catchy popular music with rock's punch

Ex-punk and underground music listener turned into popular music artist a.k.a soft boy.

Brings you modern sounding melodies mixed with truthful pain and sadness, but everlasting hope for goodness and joy.

Influenced by Artists such as Sigur Rós, Biffy Clyro, Blink-182, M83, Imagine Dragons, CHVRCHES, Wolf Alice, Sigrid, Oranžās Brīvdienas, PND, Inokentijs Mārpls, Prāta Vētra and many more.


Formed idea / Aizsākums

Mo creates the music project but continues to make unpublished music demos in bedroom for years


First song / pirmā dziesma

With heavy post-rock influence first “Dance With Me For The Last Time” song is released


fIRST ALBUM / pirmais albums

“Magical Things” album is released with punchy, energetic and some dreamy songs.


Hiatus and later COVID / pauze

Due to band member studies and life in general, band remains silent, but Mo continues to work on new songs and personal growth, improving his vocal skills with teachers and mentors Ervins Ramins (Laime Pilnīga), Sandis Kallions (Blind Shapes) & Arina Urboniene.


cOVERS AND SINGLES / singli u.c.

Some covers are released and new single “Ai, kā grauž” is introduced.



tHE BAND re-unites / jauna elpa

The band meets in “Tallinas Kvartāls” and are in talks of restarting the performances by 2022. Mo informs that he has a lot of material both in Latvian and English for future releases.


Mo Aspen is playing together and having fun

Mo Aspen (Modris Apse)

Songwriter, composer multi-instrumentalist and producer

Laura6100 (Laura Lāce)

Youtube artist doing bass, backvocals and sometimes guitar

Roberts Ramba & The Band Together

The drummer who hits so hard that speakers can't handle

Tours & gigs

Mo Aspen performed venues / performanču vietas


club depo

The first gig with the full band. Presentation of “Magical Things” Album.


Cultural Centre Tinuzi

Gig together with the Latvia’s band Zone of the Fog. Continuing to present the “Magical Things” album.

Upcoming Show

Risus etiam dui

Ultricies nibh morbi amet fames in enim turpis aenean neque commodo nisi, tristique et nulla tellus.

06 / 14


Past shows / Notikušie pasākumi
Upcoming Shows / Aktuālie pasākumi

No shows booked at the moment.

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