Mo Aspen Drums

Moving fast towards shows

Hello to all the great fans out there! This is just a quick update about what we’ve been doing for the past month. We’ve been really busy with recording and studio things for quite a while, so we didn’t do much of rehearsals. But as for now – we are […]

mo aspen gear

Guitar Gear and Equipment

What electric guitars are we using? Most of the time we use Les Paul type guitars. They are sweet looking and great sounding. Brands are either Gibson or ESP.  And then there is one cheap Les Paul, which does the job, surprisingly, we’re using it rarely. But It’s special as […]

mo aspen bass

Recent rehearsals

We’re happy to announce that finally we’ve came to a point where we are rehearsing hard. So far it has been awesome experience artistically. Soon we will be releasing great fast and slow tracks. Both electric and acoustic. This year will bring great uplifting and aggressive tracks.