Upcoming music shows

Mo Aspen soon are going to to hit rehearsals hard! After releasing new songs in this spring – they will tour and do some shows! This is just a small notice for fans out there, to keep you excited! Meanwhile – music shows will take place in summer or late spring, because there […]


Information about Record Labels and Record Deals

For quite a while there has been some questions about Record Labels. Is Mo Aspen going to sign to any label? Any record deals? First of all, band says really big thanks to all the fans out there who made this possible. Secondly, we’ve recieved a few offerings from some […]

Mo Aspen soon to record EP?

It’s been a while since we announced something. But that was because we were working on something and here it is! We’re officialy recording some stuff from our upcoming EP. Producer for atleast two songs will be Erik Spott! We don’t know yet how many songs will be included but […]